Online Casinos in Global Gaming Expo

Global Gaming Expo Hosted the Annual Gaming Convention

Online CasinosThe Global Gaming Expo (G2E), the world’s largest and most visited annual gaming convention, was held from September 24-26 in Las Vegas. Online casinos and Internet gambling are the hot topics for these convention. Many industry leaders see online gambling as the future of the gaming industry, especially when taking into consideration that U.S. states are slowly starting to adopt legislation for legalizing online gambling. Nevada has already made it legal for Internet betting sites to run in the state, while New Jersey and Delaware have legalized online poker. There are a few more states on the fence that soon could be joining these states in legalizing online gambling.

It is no surprise then that hundreds of gaming industry leaders were presenting their latest Internet gaming products and ideas at the G2E showcase.

Not only were new gaming ideas introduced at the convention, but there was also a lot of discussion about the technology behind keeping Internet gambling and online casinos functioning properly. Some industry leaders showcased the latest advances in age verification software and technology while others presented innovations in Geo-location technologies that are used to make sure that people are not gambling online from places where it is illegal to do so. Taking cues from operation and Internet gambling companies from around the world, industry heavyweights in America are working tirelessly on providing the necessary regulations for online gambling that could protect potential customers and likewise enable other states to legalize Internet gambling.

The Rise of Online Casinos and Internet Gambling

Internet GamblingOnline casinos rose to popularity worldwide in the early 90’s. It was not until the year 1999 that the passing of the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act prohibited these online casinos to offer their products and services to American citizens. Meanwhile, the online gambling industry continued to flourish and prosper in other parts of the world, with reports in 2011 estimating the annual revenue of worldwide online gambling at well over $400 billion. This possibility of economic gain could entice more and more US states to pass legislation to allow some type of online gambling. According to Chairman of U.S. Digital Gaming Rick Bronson, legalizing online poker could generate over $12 billion in revenue for a state per year and enabling people to buy lottery tickets online could be another huge source of income for states willing to make the move to legalize certain types of online gambling.

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